Veterans & States

The Campaign is pleased to recognize major contributions and pledges from the following veteran organizations, and U.S. States and Territories supporting the nationwide campaign:

Founder Gifts of $2 Million and above

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S.
The American Legion
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Leader Gifts of $1 - $2 Million

State of California
State of New York

Humanitarian Gifts of $750,000 – $1 Million

State of Illinois
State of Texas

Patron Gifts of $500,000 - $750,000

American Legion Auxiliary
Disabled American Veterans
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
State of Michigan
State of New Jersey
State of Ohio

Victor Gifts of $250,000 - $500,00

State of Alabama
State of Georgia
State of Indiana
State of Iowa
Commonwealth of Kentucky
State of Louisiana
State of Maryland
State of Minnesota
State of Missouri
State of North Carolina
State of Tennessee
Commonwealth of Virginia
State of Wisconsin

Centurion Gifts of $100,000 - $250,000

Association of the United States Army
Paralyzed Veterans of America, Incorporated
The Retired Officers Association (TROA)
Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars
State of Colorado
State of Connecticut
State of Delaware
State of Florida
State of Kansas
State of Maine
State of Mississippi
State of New Mexico
State of Oregon
State of South Carolina
State of Vermont
State of Washington

Guardian Gifts of $50,000 - $100,000

American Ex-Prisoners of War
Branson Veterans Task Force
Non Commissioned Officers Association
State of Arizona
State of Idaho
State of Montana
State of Nebraska
State of Nevada
State of New Hampshire
State of North Dakota
Territory of Puerto Rico
State of Rhode Island
State of South Dakota
State of Utah
State of Wyoming

Protector Gifts of $25,000 - $50,000

Italian American War Veterans of the United States
Marine Corps League
Reserve Officers Association of the United States
Service Club of Indianapolis
The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA)
Tuskegee Airmen, Incorporated (TAI)
Vietnam Veterans of America
State of Alaska
State of Arkansas
State of Hawaii
State of West Virginia
Branson Veterans Task Force

Defender Gifts of $10,000 - $25,000

2nd Air Division Association
25th Infantry Division Association
31st Infantry "Dixie" Division
40 et 8 Voiture
41st Infantry Division Association
87th Infantry Division Association
446th Bombardment Group
455th Bomb Group Association, Incorporated
American Merchant Marine Veterans
Army Aviation Association of America
Jewish War Veterans of the USA
Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation
National Timberwolf Association, 104th Infantry Division
Polish Legion of American Veterans, USA
Society of the Third Infantry Division
Sons of the American Legion
USS Intrepid Association
USS Rodman Association
Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge
Yankee Division Veterans Association

Patriot Gifts of $5,000 - $10,000

1st Air Commando Group
10th Mountain Division Foundation, Inc.
13th Airborne Division Association, Inc.
36th Infantry Division Association
45th Infantry Division Association
86th Black Hawk Infantry Division
99th Infantry Division Association
100th Infantry Division Association
305th Bomb Group
319th Bomb Group Reunion Association
351st Bomb Group Association
446th Bombardment Group
455th Bomb Group Association, Incorporated
Anzio Beachhead Veterans of WWII, Inc.
Atlanta World War II Roundtable
Catholic War Veterans, USA, Incorporated
Enlisted Association of National Guard (EANGUS)
Fleet Reserve Association
Glider Pilots Association
Gold Star Wives of America, Inc.
Japanese American Veterans Tribute Committee
Korean War Veterans Association
Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Inc.
Patrol Craft Sailors Association
Patton on Leadership Book
Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Incorporated
Rancho Palos Verdes Memorial Celebration
State of Oklahoma
USS Gamble DM 15
Veterans Outreach
WWII Glider Pilots Association

Friend Gifts of $2,500 - $5,000

2nd Infantry Division Association
32nd Division Veteran Association
63rd Infantry Division Association
90th Bomb Group Association
141st Infantry Regiment Association
330th Bomb Group Association
361st Infantry Regiment Association
793rd Military Police Battalion Association
Air Transit Command Hump Pilots
Americal Division Veterans Association, Inc.
Army Counter Intelligence Corps Veterans, Incorporated
Association of Military Surgeons of the United States
Command & General Staff College Gift Committee
Delaware Veterans, Inc
Flying Tigers, 14th Air Force Association, Inc.
Hamilton County Veterans
MDC Sages Retirees Club
National Association for Uniformed Servicemen
National Guard Association
National Order of Battlefield Commissions
US Submarine Veterans of WWII
US Army War College DE Class 2000
USS Belleau Wood (CVL 24)
USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Association
USS James C. Owens DD776 Association
USS St. Louis (CL-49) Association
USS Waller
Washington Arms Collectors
WAVES National

Supporter Gifts of $1,000 - $2,500

1st Cleveland Cavalry Association
2nd Bombardment Association
3rd Emergency Rescue Squadron (WWII)
4th Battalion Belgium Fusiliers
6th Armored Division Association
7th Defense AAA Battalion
7th Infantry Division Association
8th Air Force Historical Society
8th Fighter Group Association
9th Bomb Group Association
9th Infantry Division Association
10th Armored (Tiger) Division
11th Airborne Division Association
14th Armored Division Association
17th Infantry Regiment Association
20th Century Tactical Studies Group, Inc.
24th Infantry Division Association
28th Division Heritage Association
29th Infantry Division Association
32nd ID Red Arrow Club Chicago
33rd Infantry Division Association
43rd Bomb Group Association
44th Tank Battalion Association
57th Bomb Wing Association
70th Infantry Division Association
72nd U.S. Naval Construction Battalion, WWII (Seabees)
75th Infantry Division Association & Auxiliary
80th Division Veterans Association
82nd Airborne Division Association
88th Infantry Division Association
91st Infantry Division
94th Bomb Group Memorial Association
95th Bomb Group
96th Infantry Division
97th ID 389 Field Artillery Bn
98th Infantry Division
106th Infantry Division Association
111th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (WWII)
1276th Engineer Combat Battalion Association
144th Field Artillery Association
146th Army National Guard Air Lift Wing Alumni
157th Infantry Brigade
169th Infantry Veterans Corps
180th Infantry 45th Division Association
1876 Engineer Aviation Battalion
260th Artillery Association
281st Engineer Combat Battalion Association
296th Engineer Combat Battalion
304th Infantry Regiment Association
364th Fighter Group Association
389th AAA (AW) Battalion
410th Bomb Group, 9th Air Force
413th Signal Company Reunion
438th Troop Carrier Group
442nd Fighter Wing
443rd AAA Association
450th Bombardment Group "Cottontails" Association
454th Bombardment Group
459th Bomb Group Association
483rd Bomb Group
555th AAA Battalion 104th Infantry Division (Five by Five Association)
601st Ordnance Battalion
736th Tank Battalion Medium (SP)
745th Tank Battalion Association
749th Railway Veterans Club
749th Tank Battalion Association
761st Tank Battalion & Allied Veterans Association
785th Tank Battalion
829th Signal Service Association
1276th Engineer Combat Battalion Association
1876 Engineer Aviation Battalion
3815th Quartermaster Gas Supply Company
Air Force Sergeants Association
Alliance of Veterans of War and Labor, Inc.
Alliance of Veterans, Philadelphia, PA
American Airborne Association, Inc
American Battleship Association
American Beagle Squadron Alumni
American Beagle Squadron Association
American Military Retirees Association
Bowlers for Veterans Link
California Central Coast Navy Armed Guards & MM Vets (WWII
Cannon Company, 390th Regiment
Carrier Air Group 16
Chemung County Veterans Council
China-Burma-India Veterans Association
Combat Applications Group A
Company G, 180th Infantry, 45th Division Association
Company K, 386 Infantry Regiment
E Company, 187th Paraglider Infantry Regiment
First Cleveland Cavalry Association
Gay, Lesbian, & Bisexual Veterans of America
Hacienda Veterans
Highlands County Veterans Council
HHC 479th Engineer Battalion
Marine Corps Aviation Association
Merrill's Marauders Association
Military Rendezvous 2000
National Air Transport Service
National Sojourners, Inc.
Naval Air Station North Island
Naval Enlisted Reserve Association
Navy Mail Service Association
Persian Gulf Command Veterans Organization
Powhatan County Virginia Historical Society
Redball Military Transport Club (Redball Express)
Retired Armed Forces Association, Inc.
Slippery Rock University Army ROTC
Society of American Military Engineers, Nashville Post
Society of Military Widows
Stalags IX A-B-C, 13C and Berga an der Elster Association
Sun City Hilton Head Veterans Association
Swiss Internees Association
UDT Seal Association
US Army Signal Corps
U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II
US Marine Bombing Squadron 433
US Military Veterans Motorcycle Club
USS Case Reunion
USS Chester Association
USS Columbia CL-56 Association, Inc.
USS Denver Association
USS Enterprise CV6
USS Independence CVL 22 Reunion Group
USS Indiana BB-58 Reunion Association
USS Jupiter Reunion Group
USS Kalinin Bay CVE68/VC-3 Association
USS Landing Craft Infantry (LCI) National Association
USS Langley CVL-27 Association
USS Louisville Reunion Association
USS Maryland BB-46 Veterans Association
USS Minneapolis CA-36 Association
USS Missouri Association
USS Nevada Association
USS O'Brien DD-725 Reunion Association
USS Omaha CL-4 Association
USS Princeton (CVL-23) Association
USS William P. Biddle
USS Windham Bay
VET EXTRA Computer Training
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
VS 52 Naval Air Squadron
West Point Association of Graduates
Worchester County Women's Bowling Association
XIII Corps Association

Other Contributing Veteran Groups

101st Airborne Division Association
103rd Infantry Division
105th Port Marine Maintenance Company
109th Engineer Association
110th Engineer Combat Battalion
111th Engineer Combat Battalion
111th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (WWII)
115/196 Field Artillery Battalion
121st Cavalry Association
12th Armored Division Association
12th Evacuation Hospital
12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
137th Ordnance Association
147th Engineer Veterans Association
148th General Hospital
149th Fighter Squadron
149th Infantry Association
153rd Observation Squadron
1557th Combat Engineer Group
156th Field Artillery 44th Infantry
15th Air Force Association
15th Major Port Transport Corp
s 161st IMA Detachment
172nd Engineer Combat Battalion
178th Engineer Association
17th Infantry Regiment Association
1835th Ordnance Company 12th Air Force Services
18th Veterinary Evacuation Hospital
192nd Field Artillery Battalion Association
19th Troop Carrier Squadron
1st Armored Division Association
1st Cavalry Association
1st Field Artillery Observation Battalion Army Association
1st Special Forces Association
208th Combat Engineer Battalion
22nd Bomb Squadron
22nd Operations Support Squadron
233rd AAA Searchlight Battalion
244th Field Artillery Battalion
251st Regimental Reunion
254th Field Artillery Battalion
267th Separate Coast Artillery Battalion Reunion
27th Fighter Bomb Group Association
280th Engineer Combat Battalion
294th Engineer Combat Battalion
294th FAO BSN Battalion
2nd Strategic Air Depot Association
305th Bomb Group
307th Bombardment Group
313th Field Artillery Battalion
320th Bomb Group
3271th Ordnance Base Depot Company
328th Airlift Squadron
32nd Bomb Squadron, 301st Bomb Group
32nd Division Veteran Association
338th Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Division
35th Infantry Division Association
35th Medical Support Squadron
36th NCB Association
376th Bomb Group
3770th Quartermaster Reunion
37th Ordnance Company
37th Reconnaissance Association
385th AAA Battalion
389th AAA (AW) Battalion
390th AAA AW Battalion Association
391st Regimental Officers Association
397th AAA AW Battalion Association
3rd Armored Division
3rd Field Artillery Observation Battalion
3rd Marine Division Association
411th Infantry Regiment
417th Bomb Group (L)
41st Infantry Division Association
42nd Ohio Infantry Battalion Volunteers
435th Troop Carrier Wing Flamingo Wing Association
436th Fighter Squadron Association
436th Tcg/80th Tcs
443rd AAA Association
449th Bomb Group
44th Depot Repair Squadron
44th Engineer Combat Battalion Association
450th Squadron 322nd Bomb Group
453rd AAA LAW Battalion
45th Field Artillery Battalion Association
461st Bomb Wing Association
47th Bombardment Group
485th Bomb Group
4th AMTRAC Battalion Reunion
4th Armored Division Association
4th Cavalry Association
4th FIW Association
4th Infantry Division Association
4th Marine Division Association of WWII
4th Replacement Depot Reunion
501st Parachute Infantry Regiment Association
51st Fighter Squadron WWII
534th, 708th, 715th, 773rd Amphibians (Pacific)
557th AAA AW Battalion Association
565th Ordnance Battalion
57th Signal Battalion Association
59th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
5th Belgian Fusiliers Battalion Association
601st Tank Destroyer Battalion Association
602nd Tank Destroyer Battalion
62nd Signal Battalion Company
648th Tank Destroyer Battalion
658th Amtrac Battalion, 658th TD
659th Field Artillery Battalion
69th Infantry Division Association
704th Tank Destroyer Battalion
705th Tank Destroyer Battalion
70th Bomb Squadron Association
70th Infantry Division Association
739th AAA Gun Battalion
750th Tank Battalion
76th Troop Carrier Squadron
772nd Military Police Battalion Association
774th Tank Destroyer Association
78th USNCB Reunion Organization (WWII)
79th Fighter Group Association
7th Airdrome Squadron
7th Infantry Division Association
802nd Tank Destroyer Battalion
808th Aviation Engineers
80th Division Veterans Association
823rd Tank Destroyer Battalion
83rd Bomb Squad Reunion Group
83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion Reunion
84th Infantry Division Association
861st Heavy Maintenance Ordnance
86th Black Hawk Infantry Division
8th Air Force Historical Society
8th Armored Division
8th Marine Defense Anti-Aircraft
900th Signal Company Association
914th Quartermaster Company
91st Chemical Mortar Battalion
93rd Evacuation Hospital Club
94th Infantry Division Association
94th Infantry Division Ozark Chapter
94th Signal Battalion Association
95th Infantry Division
97th Division 303rd Infantry 1st Battalion
9th Air Force Association, Inc
A Co, Engineer Battalion 5th Marines
Air Defense Artillery Association
Air Force Association
American GI Forum
American Gold Star Mothers
American Guerrillas of Mindanao
Armenian American Veterans
Army Ground Forces Association
Atoka County, OK Veterans Council
Aviation Pioneers Association
Bataan Corregidor Veterans
Benicia Arsenal Reunion Group
Black Veterans of Great Lakes (WWII)
Blinded Veterans Association
Blue Star Mothers of America
C Company, 2/162nd Infantry
C/5 Engineer Battalion/5th Marine Division
Camp White Historical Association
Casselberry, FL Veterans
Catholic War Veterans Auxiliary
Chapter 75 Special Forces Association
Charlie Company, 2/162nd Infantry
Chesapeake SSW Association
Chief Petty Officer Association
China-Burma-India Hump Pilots
Chosin Few
Co A (-) 107E EM Club
Combat Airmen of WWII
Combat Infantrymen's Association
Company D Marine Support Battalion
Congressional Medal of Honor Society
Criminal Investigation Division, Agent Association, U.S. Army
Destroyer Escort Sailors Association
F Company 318 Infantry Regiment 80th Division
Fifth Fighter Command Reunion
Filipino-American Veterans of Illinois
George S. Patton Historical Society
Gettysburg Battlefield Detachment
Grand Rapids Civil War Round Table
Greenland, NH Veterans
Handling Battalion T, Navy Cargo
Iowa Military Veterans Band, Incorporated
Iowa Veterans #84
Jamaican Veterans of WWII
LST 1097 Reunion Group
LST 672 Reunion Group
Lyman Ward Military Academy
Macedonian US Military Veterans Association
Marine Air Wing Squadron 8
Marine Corps Association
Masonic War Veterans of NY, Post 12
Massachusetts Army National Guard Alumni Association
Massachusetts Vets in Prison
Military Vehicle Preservation Society
National Order of Trench Rats
Navajo Code-Talkers
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 7
Navy Mother's Club of America
Navy Seabee Veterans of America
Navy Wives Clubs of America
Nebraska Veterans Recognition Day
New Fairfield Veterans Association
North African Ferrying
Organization of Vietnam Veterans
OV-1 Mohawk Association
Pennsylvania Veterans Club
Plymouth Veterans Council, Kingston, MA
Rainbow Division Veterans
Rakkasan 187th Army Combat Team Association
Retired Army Nurse Corps Association
Santa Clara Valley, CA Veterans
Scottish-American Military Society
Special Forces Association
St Louis Police Veterans Association
Torpedo Squadron 4 (VT-4)
Tuolumne County, CA Veterans Committee
U.S. Naval Academy Alumni
Ukrainian American Veterans
United Veterans Council of New Mexico
United War Veterans Association
US Marine Corps, 5th & 14th Defense Battalions
US Naval Hospital #12 SNAG 56
US Navy Cruiser Sailors Association
US Navy VPB 117th Association
USAF Pilot Class 1954EUSCGC Campbell Association
USS AA Cunningham
USS Agawam Reunion Group
USS Ammen WWII Crew
USS Ashland LSD Association, Inc.
USS Bagley Dd-386 Association
USS Bennington Reunion
USS Brownson Association
USS Chickasaw Reunion Association
USS Davis
USS De Haven
USS Deimos/Aludra
USS Delta
USS Drayton Reunion Association
USS Drew APA-162 Reunion Association
USS Dyess
USS Ellyson Memorial Fund
USS Enterprise CV6
USS Finch Reunion Association
USS Fiske Association
USS Fletcher
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt
USS Guam Association
USS Harold J Ellison DD864
USS Helm DD388 Association
USS Honolulu
USS HurstUSS Johnston/USS Hoel Association
USS Kaskaskia A027 Reunion Association, Inc.
USS La Vallettte DD 448
USS LCI National Association
USS Little Rock Association
USS LST 519 Association
USS Lunga Point Association
USS Lyman D E 302 Ship
USS Macon (CA-132)
USS McCawley Survivors Association
USS Mertz DD691
USS Mount McKinley Association
USS Navarro (APA-215)
USS Nespelen Association
USS Nevada Association
USS NOA Reunion Association
USS Northhampton
USS Oklahoma City
USS Radford
USS Rall
USS Rasher (SS/SSR/AGSS269)
USS Robinson
USS San Diego Veterans Association
USS Schroeder Crew
USS Shaw DD 373 Association
USS Sirona Reunion Group
USS Taconic Association
USS Tarawa CV40 Vets Association
USS Token
USS Toledo CA-133 Association
USS Vincennes Association
USS Waldron (DD699) Alumni Association
USS Washington
Veterans Association Inc
Veterans Association Realtors
Veterans of El Sobrante, CA
Veterans of Henry County, OH
Veterans of Lansingburgh, NY
Veterans' Widows International
VFA-97 Warhawks
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
Virginia Tech Air Force ROTC
Washtenaw County, MI Council of Veterans
West Coast Airborne Association
West Virginia VA Veterans Coalition
Women Marine Association
Women Veterans of Chemung County
Women Vets of NWAR
Women Vets of Pennsylvania
Women's Army Corps Vets Association
Women's Veterans Organization
WWII Winton Veterans

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