Bas-Relief Sculpture Panels

A series of bas-relief sculpture panels created by sculptor Ray Kaskey is set into the balustrades of the north and south ceremonial entrance walls of the memorial. The 24 panels depict the all-out mobilization of America’s agricultural, industrial, and military and human resources during the Second World War. [Read More]

Click on any picture to view a full-size image. Photo credit: Rick Latoff / American Battle Monuments Commission. These photos are downloadable in low resolution; if you need higher resolution, send an e-mail to with:
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  • Finished size of photo as it will be used in layout

North Balustrade--Atlantic Front

Lend Lease

Bond Drive

Women in Military

Rosie the Riveter-Aircraft Construction

Battle of the Atlantic

Air War-B-17


Normandy Beach Landing

Tanks in Combat

Medics in the Field

Battle of the Bulge

Russians Meet Americans at the Elbe

South Balustrade--Pacific Front

Pearl Harbor





Submarine Warfare

Navy in Action

Amphibious Landing

Jungle Warfare

Field Burial


V-J Day

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