• You may add one photograph per honoree.  The processing fee is $10 per photo.

  • You may submit a photo from the WWII era or a more recent photo.  Black-and-white or color is acceptable.

  • Portrait format (vertical) is recommended.   Landscape format (horizontal) is acceptable, but the image may appear smaller on-screen.

  • Format must be .jpg.  Maximum size is 1 megabyte.

  • Please note that we cannot crop or enhance your photos.
If you have a photograph or clipping you wish to submit, but it is not in a digitized format, you can do one of two things:
  1. Have the photo scanned by someone with a scanner and ask them to provide you with a CD or a diskette that you can load into a computer.  Be sure to specify a .jpg or .gif format and limit the size to 1 megabyte.  Many photo developers and camera shops now offer this service.  You can then upload the scanned image via the Internet, or mail us the CD or diskette and we will upload it for you.

  2. Have a print copy of the original photo made.  Mail the print copy and the enclosed reply form to:
    American Battle Monuments Commission
    Attention: WWII Memorial
    2300 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite 500
    Arlington, VA 22201-3367
You will need to include the following when you mail the print copy, CD, or diskette:
  1. The Account Number you were provided in the mailing from the National WWII Memorial Campaign.

  2. Your full name, address, and phone number.

  3. The name of the honoree on whose Registry page the photo will appear.

  4. A check made payable to "WWII Memorial" for $10 for each photo you are adding, or your credit card information as appropriate.
IMPORTANT: Prints cannot be returned, so please do not send original photos, only copies!  CDs and diskettes also cannot be returned.


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